Paul Heyman just broke the spirit of the crowd so completely, they can’t even boo Batista

Undertaker lost. 


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So TMZ is saying that Jennette’s beef with Nickelodeon is salary related(which makes more sense than an awards vote count being rigged IMO). Honestly, that sounds a hell of a lot better to me than her being in a personal feud with Ariana. Money and contracts can be always be negotiated and fixed. Broken Friendships often are not.

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Season two is a go. And from a reputable news source…not a teen gossip site. lol

I’m not comfortable calling Fox News “reputable” but it’s better than nothing.

True, but Sam and Cat have nothing to do with Obama, so I felt Fox wouldn’t have any reason to give this story its usual “fair and balanced” spin.

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This eases my mind…a little.

This eases my mind…a little.

I guess calling the show “How I Settled For Your Mother and Now That She’s Dead I Can Finally Be Happy with someone else”, would’ve been a tough sell to the audience.

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No Rey, why are you attacking your good friend Sin Cara? No, Rey…staph, pls.